The Gibbons Firehall


The 1939 Gibbons Fire and the development of the Firehall:

In January of 1939, a large fire destroyed multiple businesses along the south side of Mainstreet of Gibbons. After the fire, the affected business owners decided to set up the Gibbons Volunteer Fire Fighting Unit. This unit was the first of its kind in the Sturgeon County area. 

The Volunteers and Equipment:

Fire fighting technology has improved greatly since the 1940's. During the early years of the departments operation the majority of fires were fought by the whole of the community. In Gibbons, the fire department sold 41 fire extinguishers to a variety of businesses and dwellings. All of these individuals agreed that, in the event of a fire, any and all bodies available would respond with their own equipment.

The hand pump model of Fire extinguisher was used primarily in oder to prevent fires from spreading.


In addition to this equipment, The Gibbons Volunteer Fire Department invested in a 60-gallon chemical tank that was mounted on a 2-wheeled hand drawn cart. 

  The Gibbons Volunteer Fire Department operated out of a single story frame shed. This was located on Mainstreet with a small hand crank fire alarm mounted nearby. This structure would have been found almost directly across from where the Gibbons Hotel sits today.

Following the development of Gibbons as it transformed into a Village in 1959, new technologies were purchased for the Gibbons Volunteer Fire Department. The old firehall was replaced with a new building constructed in 1967, and the old fire cart was replaced with a 1942 Ford Truck and Pumper. Since then the firehall has continued to upgrade its equipment in order to maintain their skill and efficiency.

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Fire Chiefs: 

The Gibbons Volunteer fire department has had a number of cheifs throughout its existence. They are listed chronologically as follows:

1. Albert Loblick
2. Frank Bibaud
3. Earl Yeo
4. Clem Lamoureux
5. Colin McLean
6. Len LaPoint
7. Jamie Wilson
8. Eric Lowe

Service to the Community:

The Gibbons Volunteer Fire Department continues to be a source of pride for the Town of Gibbons. The department continues to provide community protection, education, and support whenever necessary.

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For more information on the Gibbons Fire Hall or to see our full collection of Fire extinguishers be sure to check out the Gibbons Museum! 

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