The McWhirter House

Outside view of The McWhirter house

The McWhirter House:

Built on the families farm in the 1940's, the home has three rooms total, originally two of these were bedrooms while the third operated as a combined kitchen/living room. Presently the house has been re-designed to showcase an approximation of a 1930's prairie house with one bedroom, a sitting room, and a large kitchen. The house itself feature an indoor water pump and an electric refrigerator.
Did you know: The original wood burning stove can still be found in the McWhirter house. Prior to the invention of electricity, wood-burning was the only option to cook and heat homes. 

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Interior Views of the McWhirter House. For more photos click here- McWhirter House

The McWhirter Family:

The house was originally occupied by Harvey, Gladys and their three children. Like many pioneer families, the hardships were many, but the McWhirter family was able to make a living selling milk, butter, and cream in Edmonton. Later the family moved into a larger home, but the house has remained a family dwelling which passed through numerous relatives before being donated to the Gibbons Museum in 1986. For more information on the Mcwhirter Family click here-McWhirter House Brochure - revised August 22 2012

Did you know: In true Pioneer fashion, the McWhirter house is missing a Bathroom! The family would have been forced outside to use the outhouse!

For more information on the McWhirter House download the brochure below and be sure to check out the Gibbons Museum! 

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