The McLean Bros. Store

The center piece of the Museum, the McLean Bros. Mercantile Store is maintained as an authentic 1920's general store. Up until July 2018, Ice cream and Candy could be purchased within the original architecture. Recently a modularly built addition was added to the museum. This expansion now carries out sales, as well as houses new washroom facilities, a kitchenette, office space, and tourist information (click here for more Visitor Information).
McLean Bros. General Store
The Original McLean Bros. store prior to the expansion

McLean Bros. History:

The McLean Store was built by the McLean brothers in the Hamlet of Gibbons in the early 1920's. Joe McLean owned and operated the storeuntil 1944. At that point, an employee of the store, Mr. Nick Konsorado, and his wife Mona Konsorado bought the store and continued to operate it as a general store under the same name. In 1990 the Konsorados sold the store to a local lawyer named Tom Walter. The store was kept open for one last summer under the management of Ms. Jane Walter before being donated to the Gibbons Museum (Nov. 11, 1990). The building was moved from it's main street location by a team of volunteers.

The Rise and Fall of the General Store in Alberta:

Where do you buy your clothing, food, hardware or pet food? Chances are itis not from your local rural general store. The need for local general stores in every Village, Hamlet, and Town has diminished greatly as technology progressed. Better roads and increased accessibility to reliable transportation led many small general stores to lose local support, as more people journeyed into urban areas to visit specialized stores.

Continuing the Tradition:

The McLean Bros. Store continues to maintain it's community values to this day. The store continues to connect a wide variety of people, from nostalgic adults to curious youth. Despite continued changes, the store transcends time and continues to act as symbol of the progess of Town of Gibbons.

The Mclean Bros. Store is proud to continue selling Ice cream and Candy at pre-inflation prices

For more information on the McLean Bros. Store be sure to check out the Gibbons Museum! 

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